Kelly Goode
Wild Side
The Kindler
Water Hazard
The Kindler

THE KINDLER is book 2 in the Kari Stillwell series and was published on 25th September 2014

Someone is detonating bombs inside well-known supernatural businesses. Wild Side is the first target and Kari only narrowly manages to escape the hedonistic nightclub alive. She was hoping to find Grayton there, but all she discovered was trouble.

She can’t tell anyone that she sparked with the bomber, actual sparks that flicked between their joined hands, and not metaphorical ones. The Supernatural Police Task Force has already put her in The Goldfish Bowl (the infamous detainment unit) and she doesn’t want a repeat visit.

When Kari’s boss, Fen Michaels, calls in a favour, she finds her latest assignment starts to dangerously overlap with the bombings.

So what is the link between a supernatural judge who is receiving death threats and The Kindler who wants to bring attention to the number of wrongful supernatural incarcerations?

Kari would rather sit this one out, but the bomber has given her a message to deliver. A message intended for the very same supernatural judge she’s now working for.

As the fatalities rise, new enemies appear and old friends unite, and Kari finds herself once again in the middle of a supernatural battle.

Kari is feeling the heat…..

….and she is finally ready to embrace her Wild Side.