Kelly Goode
Wild Side
The Kindler
Water Hazard
Water Hazard

WATER HAZARD is book #3 in the Kari Stillwell series and was published on the 8th May 2015

Kari Stillwell has faced hellhounds, vengeful vampires and fire-starting witches, but they pale in comparison to seeing Ethan again.

The man who broke her heart is back, bringing a whole heap of new conflict to Wild Side. Avoiding Ethan as much as possible, Kari takes an assignment investigating a local golf course.

The owner is notorious for his underworld connections and shady deals. Is the course a front for something more sinister? The supernaturals in the area are certainly disappearing at an alarming rate, so what’s the connection?

With family feuds simmering beneath the surface, and Jack and Grayton still trying to kill each other whenever they cross paths, Kari must learn to trust her instincts……

……and her heart.