Kelly Goode
Ember Lane Series

FIRST AND ONLY features Ember Lane, a character from my Kari Stillwell series. While it may be beneficial to have read those books first, it is not essential.
This novel takes Ember away from that world and into her own adventure, but does reference events from other stories.

Ember Lane made a terrible mistake. She trusted the wrong man and ended up inside a supernatural detainment unit.

Offered the chance to earn her freedom, she joins the First and Only team. The terms of her contract are simple. One mission, one chance at redemption. Success means all charges are dropped.

Forced to ally with other criminal supernatural creatures, Ember must retrieve a precious stone.
She knows the rules - no attachments & no personal vendettas - but with a surly but sexy handler, and a charming but untrustworthy demon to contend with, redemption comes at a higher cost than she initially realised.

Because it's called the First and Only team for a reason...

...not many of the supernatural recruits make it back from their first mission alive.